Be On Time

Arriving to your session about 10 minutes early will help ensure that you we will be able to start your session on time. Since all of our sessions are based on time, showing up late will take away time from your actual photos. You will need to arrive ready for your photoshoot, unless your makeup will be done by one of our makeup artists.

It’s so important the you arrive prepared for your session. Having a consultation a few weeks before your session with our photographers can help you decide on outfits, props and locations you would like to have in your senior portraits. There is no charge for the consultation. Remember if you are poorly prepared or bring the wrong clothes, we can not make your portraits the best they can be! When you arrive to our studio, please bring all of  your outfits inside for us to see. We will then match your outfits up with specific backgrounds or locations you have choosen. The more freedom you give the photographers …the more creative they can be and the more fun you will have!


First of all AVOID STRIPES AND PLAID!! Solids photograph much better! Also bring a variety of color, don’t bring 5 blue outfits even if it is your favorite color.  Avoid lots of clothing that has wording on it…this will date the look of the photo and sometimes it looks just a little too casual for senior photos. Vary the style, all one look (like tanks) gets boring. Vary the dress level, bring some dressy, some medium and some casual. Also dress for all the different seasons, not just the one we are in currently. Having many different colors and styles will make your photos more colorful and fun!

Our sessions let you do unlimited looks within your time period. This means if you change fast, you get more variety. Spend all day in the dressing room, you get less time in front of the camera. Most people can get 3-4 looks per hour. More if you are quick at changing and making decisions. Bring more than what you will actually use, so that Kim and Marcia will have more options to choose from.

Some shots are close up, others are full length. Plan outfits completely. It is hard to do a full length formal in your suit if all you brought was big old tennis shoes.

Also remember, as a general rule, light clothes look better on lighter backgrounds and darker clothes look better on darker backgrounds. So if you prefer dark, bring dark, if you prefer some of both, bring some of both.

Group your outfits together ON HANGARS. It is amazing how many people come in with clothes stuffed in a plastic bag and wonder why they are wrinkled! Make sure they are ironed. Although we have an iron for touch ups, we don’t want to waste your time on ironing.


Make sure your clothing flatters you.

If you think you have large arms, be careful of sleeveless styles, they can make your arms look fuller.

Wild to mild. We don’t really tell you what you can and can not wear. A little sexy is OK, but don’t make ALL of your outfits that way. What one person likes may not be appropriate for the next person. Our philosophy is as long as it is rated PG, we don’t care.

Kim and Marcia’s Least Favorite Clothing Choices

Short shorts, mini skirts and tube tops are not flattering on most people no matter your size or shape. The less skin showing the better so that way the attention is drawn to your face.  Long  or three quarter length sleeves usually photograph the best.


Most of our senior girls have their makeup done by one of our three makup artists. We are going for a very clean, natural and fresh look in our photographs.  Having your makeup done adds to the whole experience!

If you decide to do your own makeup here are some tips. Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. About like you might wear in the evening. Mascara should be clean and contain no clumps. So if your mascara is old and clumpy, replace it first. Avoid makeup with “sparkles” in it. When you move, it makes a nice shimmer, but in a photo, where you are still, it creates a little white spot that almost looks like a zit. Also avoid makeup with an SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine. Summer shine can be controlled by using translucent powder that knocks out shine without adding additional color.


Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Let it be natural. Quick easy hairstyle changes during your session are OK, but make it quick or you loose camera time.  Bring your hair care tools and products with you if need be. It IS ok to show up early in curlers if you need to.

Although our photographer tries to help with hair, it is hard to know what your hair “is supposed to look like”. So make sure you like the look or let the photographer know your preferences. Hair style is ultimately YOUR responsibility.


Best tip here, keep it simple. We want the attention on you. Big, shiny jewelry can distract from the real subject, YOU. Like with your clothing…having a variety of jelewery works best. If you have different jewelry for different outfits, you might put each set of jewelry in a plastic baggie and hang it on the hangar with that outfit.


BRING THEM!! Bring props that help define who you are. Some popular choices are: Sports equipment (soccer ball, football, hockey stick, hurdle, whatever), sports uniforms, music instruments (from school tuba to rock guitar), activities (dance leotard and shoes, swimming, hobbies, you name it!), vehicles  (we suggest The Works or The Whole Enchilada session for car shots).


Most glasses glare! Some prescriptions more than others. Your best bet is to check with your optometrist. Most will “loan” you an empty set of frames similar to yours for your photo session.


Tan lines are not attractive in portraits. We suggest you vary your swimsuit top or use a tanning bed to minimize any tan marks.  We can remove tan lines, but that will be an additional cost to you and proofs will not be retouched. Remember to not overdo your tanning, skin that looks like dark leather is not the most attractive.

AVOID SUNBURN! Sunburn and peeling skin DO NOT photograph well!! Tan, yes, burn, no. If you are a winter or spring session and your tan has faded, you might consider tanning. But don’t overdue it so you look too fake-and-bake.


It is a good idea to have someone bring a pet, then leave with them after. Or bring a pet carrier to contain them while you are being photographed without them. Treats can be helpful to hold a dogs attention.


Friends or parents are welcome. They can be a help. HOWEVER, if they distract you, it is best to have them wait in the lobby.


Let’s face it, we are at the mercy of mother nature. If it rains,  we simply have to reschedule. Don’t worry about clouds, they actually HELP! But rain falling IS a problem. If the weather is questionable, simply call the studio.


Just let the photographer know if you want tattoos to show or not. It is that easy. Scars are not automatically retouched, but can be removed or softened at your request. Extensive work may have a slight extra charge.


It is amazing how many times someone will come in wearing flowered underwear and not realize it is a problem until they go to put on their WHITE PANTS! Or come in wearing a white bra and put on a black sleeveless shirt. Please bring appropriate foundation wear for each outfit. Flesh colored is the best you can hope for. Also, if you need a strapless, bring one. Tucking the straps down usually shows and looks bad. With todays thin fabrics, you might want to carefully select these pieces so they do not give unsightly lines.


NAILS SHOW! If they have the paint all chipped off, it will show. Many casual shots are done barefoot, so don’t forget about those toes! Avoid real bright colors. Natural or basic work best. We don’t want to draw attention to your neon orange toe nails. And they may look really bad with your next outfit.